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iDNA Security Cheques
iDNA Security Cheques

Many experts agree that using high security cheques is a critical component in cheque fraud
prevention and there is substantial evidence that high security cheques motivate criminals
to seek easier targets. You can’t prevent fraud but you can send it elsewhere. One way to
accomplish this is to issue your cheques on security rich cheque paper.

Blank cheque stock offers the most flexibility and cost-effective option for companies with
numerous accounts. Paystation Registered Security Cheques are available in various colours
and placements.

Colour Options: Blue, Burgundy & Green

Placement Options: Top, Middle & Bottom (preferred cheque placement format for CPA

Paystation Registered iDNA™ Security Cheques with Covert Marking contain a variety of
security features that help deter any alterations or tampering with your issued cheques.

iDNA™ Security Cheques Brochure




$10 from every iDNA™ Cheque order is donated to the CPA-Robert Warner Memorial Fund. Established to provide a one-time immediate financial assistance payment to the families of police officers killed in the line of duty. For more information on the Memorial Fund, click here.



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iDNA Security Cheques
  • Covert Imaging – each cheque has the iDNA™ logo that can only be seen with ultraviolet light and will not replicate when the cheque is scanned or copied
  • Sequential Numbering – each cheque has its own unique number listed on the back of the cheque, for stock tracking purposes
  • Security Features Warning Box – outlines the Security Features contained in the cheque
  • iDNA™ Warning Band – shows that you have security in place and are aware of the risk
  • Micro Printed Fine Lines – cannot be seen if a cheque is scanned or copied
  • True Watermark Paper – watermarks throughout the cheque cannot be seen if the cheque is scanned or copied
  • 6-Stain Chemical Sensitivity – chemical indicators in the paper appear as stains; if alteration is attempted
  • Toner Adhesion – toner firmly bonds into the paper on both the front and the back of the paper which prevents removal of characters
  • Secure Print & Storage Location – iDNA™ cheques are printed and stored in a secure warehouse and print location
  • Tamper Evident Packaging – the packaging will show evidence if the package has been opened