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Paymaster 9016–11
Cheque Writer – Paymaster – 9016–11

For more than 61 years, Canadian businesses & financial institutions have been protecting manually written cheques using the Paymaster® Cheque-Writer imprint.


These robust machines have long held the standard of the ultimate in cheque and money order protection. 


The Paymaster® Cheque-Writers are capable of printing cheques, drafts and money orders up to $9,999,999,999.99



Paymaster Cheque Writer Brochure

Cheque Writer – Paymaster – 9016–11
These flexible yet robust machines offer the following features for your added protection:
  • Two-key security system to prevent unauthorized use
  • Deeply serrated Paymaster® typeface to discourage and prevent alteration
  • Capable of imprinting multiple-copy cheques
  • Flexible enough to accommodate both business and personal cheques
  • Large verification window
  • Durable frame construction accommodates a wide variety of multiple copy negotiable documents
  • Type style offers punctuation and conventional dollar and cent demarcation 
Technical Specifications


Print Capability: Eleven Column $999,999,999.99

Currencies Available: CAD, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, AUD, EUR, HKD, INR, CNY

(Other currencies are available.  Please contact us for more information.)

Packing Dimensions: 375mm x 254mm x 292mm (14 ¾”L x 10”W x 11 ½”H)

Shipping Weight: 15 lbs. (6.8kg)

Throat Depth: 76mm (3”)

Ink Color: Black

Ink Cartridge Life: 3500/4000

Replacement Ribbon: PY2/7579