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Extending and leveraging the superior design of the I:Deal® cheque scanner, the Panini wI:deal™ is an enhanced version that supports all the features of the I:Deal® for unsurpassed cheque processing performance while adding a complete document automation capability. The Panini wI:deal  allows you to scan full-page documents (including envelopes) and rigid documents, such as ID cards and driver’s licenses.

A cheque scanner and more

The Panini wI:deal is the perfect solution for companies that need to accurately scan cheques and associated documents for a complete payment transaction capture solution. Applications include virtual (or distributed) lockbox, small business remote deposit capture, and vertical industry payment applications including healthcare, insurance, transportation and more. It’s also a great solution for capturing a variety of document types at the bank branch platform desk or teller station.


Panini wI:Deal Brochure


The wI:deal offers extensive benefits you’ve come to expect from Panini
  • True multi-document-format capture capability: uniquely designed to automate cheque capture and the capture of associated documents, the Panini wI:Deal® extends the value of remote deposit capture (RDC) with a complete document automation solution.
  • Preserves true cheque processing functionality (and related security) while enabling an extended array of operations – thus adding value to an extensive range of vertical applications.
  • Continues the Panini tradition of ease of use (e.g., automatic identification of document type and processing mode selection), with a rigorous focus on ergonomics and design promoting convenience and space efficiency at the user’s desk.
  • Extends Panini’s market-leading I:Deal® cheque scanner platform, incorporating proven quality.