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The Vision X® Multi-Function System is the perfect solution for financial institutions deploying branch capture at the teller, who are also looking for a way to improve teller productivity, consolidate teller counter space and improve customer satisfaction through efficient branch automation.


Functions provided by the Vision X® MFS include cheque scanning, validation printing, roll-tape receipt printing, magnetic card reading, smart card reading, flat page scanning, rigid ID card scanning and an open USB port for extension to additional modules.


Panini MFS Brochure

Branch capture capability, plus Panini benefits

The Vision X® MFS branch automation system offers extensive benefits you’ve come to expect from Panini.

  • Architected as a true modular multi-function system to support a broad range of teller functions, facilitating real branch automation.
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use and streamlined payment processing operations.
  • The flexibility to configure the solution to your precise needs.
  • Extremely small footprint, essentially using the same space as the existing cheque scanner, freeing up valuable work space for the teller.
  • Based on the world’s leading cheque scanner, the Panini Vision X, with close to half a million installations worldwide, offering the cheque capture industry’s best price performance.
  • Complete investment protection, allowing customers to utilize existing or new Panini cheque scanners, with the flexibility to deploy only the modules needed at the time they are needed.
  • Panini ISO-9001 processes and product design ensure market-leading quality and reliability.
  • Uses thermal receipt printing technology for the fastest, quietest and lowest-cost receipt printing technology available.
  • Optimized cable management with a single USB cable and single power cable to support all cheque processing and document automation modules, resulting in better use of counter space.