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Designed specifically for low volume cheque capture
The Panini I:Deal® is a breakthrough product that provides a compelling cheque capture solution designed specifically for low volume remote deposit capture (RDC). This cheque scanner features affordable cost of ownership combined with best total quality, consistent with the industry-leading performance and reliability customers expect from Panini.
The Panini I:Deal® utilizes patented technologies to deliver capabilities critical for RDC success, including high-quality dual-sided image capture, document franking, and advanced reading technologies in the areas of MICR and OCR. A pocketing capability minimizes paper handling, providing document storage while ensuring transaction sequence integrity.
Through self-adjusting capabilities, the Panini I:Deal® provides an optimal user experience in the wide variety of environmental conditions encountered in small business RDC implementations. The Panini I:Deal® is also compatible with Apple Macintosh operating systems.
Based on extensive market research
The conception and design of the Panini I:Deal® is based on extensive market research to identify the specific and unique requirements of small business remote deposit capture users. Small business users, financial institutions, and Panini partners directly contributed to the design and development of this breakthrough cheque capture solution. The result is a user-friendly cheque scanner that helps small businesses seize the benefits of cheque truncation.
Exemplifies Panini’s design excellence
Consistent with Panini tradition, the Panini I:Deal® is unique in terms of visual appeal, fitting naturally and comfortably into any office or SOHO environment. With careful attention to an intuitive and ergonomic design, the Panini I:Deal® solution readily anticipates and accommodates users lacking familiarity with cheque capture and cheque processing.
Leverages Panini’s market-leading position in cheque processing
With the support of an unparalleled customer base throughout the world, and the broadest reach of technology partners, Panini is well established as the market leader in distributed cheque capture. The Panini I:Deal® relies on and leverages this position while integrating the technical innovation and open architecture of the market-leading Vision X® product suite.