Paystation Inc.
CPS – Cheque Payments Software

Paystation’s CPS (Cheque Payment Software) is the “go-to” solution for cheque printing automation and protection for small to mid-sized businesses. As with Paystation’s original cheque writers, CPS provides unique additional fraud protection with its exclusive $150,000 fraud warranty.


Our technology is designed to work with virtually all existing Windows®-based financial and accounting software packages. What this means for you is that you do not have to upgrade your existing software or procedures to get state of-the-art cheque production and security. CPS has the flexibility to print on both pre-printed or blank cheque stock.


For companies not yet utilizing the preferred security solution of printing on blank cheque stock, CPS is clearly your easiest and most cost-effective way to switch to this process - giving you both added security and cost savings. CPS allows custom configuration of your cheques, for multiple accounts and currencies, including the addition of your company logo. The easy-to use template system gives you complete control all while maintaining the required CPA- 006 cheque standard for Canada.


Whether your business is just starting or is a well-established organization, CPS will increase efficiency and enhance security – ultimately saving you time and money.



CPS Brochure


CPS – Cheque Payments Software
Security & Control
  • Proprietary 3-in-1 image on cheques, which includes our unique $150,000 cheque warranty.
  • Multi-level password control and customizable operator privileges.
  • Deploy encrypted signatures using configurable cheque value limits and requirements.
Productivity Efficiencies
  • Utilize blank cheque stock, for best security and cost savings.
  • CPA (Canadian Payments Association) compliant cheque production.
  • Handle multiple companies, accounts and currencies from within the same application.
  • No need to change existing software or procedures.