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CPE Teller
CPE Teller

The highly powerful CPE Teller software from Paystation provides an easy-to-use application for financial institutions to print a full range of documents while the customer waits – all in a matter of seconds. CPE Teller produces on-site MICR documents with the ONLY 64-bit technology available in the market place today.


CPE Teller is very flexible and can be used at the teller workstation or as a high volume print bureau for centralized production. Financial institutions are benefiting from increased revenues by cross selling products and services using CPE Teller’s message feature. This allows you to regularly update marketing messages to keep customers informed of your latest products and services.


With an easy to use menu, the teller can quickly create a full range of documents including:

  • Money Orders
  • Personal Cheque Books
  • Business Cheque Books
  • Deposit Books/Slips
  • Bank Drafts

Plus many more...


CPE Teller Brochure


CPE Teller
  • Client data and file imports
  • Layout of all: cheques, deposit credits, re-order and delivery slips using fixed print positions
  • Automatic collation of slips
  • Re-prints under strict control
  • Multiple Currency Design
  • Poor print quality and cheques rejected  at the bank
  • Reliance on out-dated, often bulky technology and the need for technically aware operators
  • High maintenance and runnings costs
  • Labour intensive cheque book collating
  • Questions over different currency layout positions