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CPE Plus Lite
CPE+Lite – Cheque Payment Enterprise Plus Lite

Paystation’s CPE+ and CPE+Lite software were the first 64-bit secure payment and cheque production solution available, which has proven to be market leading in terms of adaptability, control and functionality. Our technology is designed to work with virtually all existing I.T. and financial software solutions, so that you do not have to replace, enhance or modify your existing system.


CPE+Lite is truly a “bolt-on” solution, providing you state-of-the-art cheque production automation without having to embark on costly hardware and software upgrades. CPE+Lite comes complete with encryption technology, reporting, built-in fraud protection, and the flexibility to work with other I.T. software solutions thus future-proofing your existing investments.


Our technology can be configured to print cheques in any format or currency you require. Whether your business is new, small, or multi-national CPE+Lite will increase efficiency and enhance security ultimately saving you time and money—all while future proofing and protecting your cheque production for many years to come.


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CPE+Lite – Cheque Payment Enterprise Plus Lite
Security & Control
  • Authorization tools, including remote capabilities.
  • 2 accounts, with option for 3 more, and multiple currencies are configurable to specification.
  • Proprietary 3-in-1 image on cheques, which includes fraud protection.
  • Multi-level administration tools, encrypted signatures, and file encryption.
Productivity Efficiencies
  • Audit reports, custom tailored and exportable to other formats (CSV, Excel...) and Crystal Reports for versatility.
  • Optional manual cheques, if required.
  • Remote Authorization to handle multi-location or travel.
  • Utilize blank cheque stock, for security.
  • CPA compliant.
  • Printer load balancing.