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BranchXpress BX7200
BranchXpress BX7200

Up until now, few hardware options have been available when it comes to back-counter branch capture and RDC high-volume production check scanning. The BranchXpress® BX7200 was built for just the kind of mission-critical batch capture environment. Whether it is running on the back counter at a branch, in a Day 2 operation environment, in a bank vault operation, or in a high-volume RDC environment, the BX7200 has the speed, capacity, and durability to handle all that you can throw at it.


Digital Check designed the BX7200 with a high-capacity, 300-item feeder, two 300-item output pockets, and 200 document per minute performance that allows banks and corporate RDC users to replace their larger reader/sorters with a tabletop check scanner in a distributed capture environment. As banks eliminate or centralize proof departments, the BX7200 is uniquely designed to handle the necessary capacity and volume. Advanced double feed detection and MICR-based sorting systems help it run at double the wall-clock speed of typical frontline teller capture and branch capture scanners.


Exceptionally Fast, Built to Last — The BranchXpress BX7200 is the speedy and rugged cheque scanner built for branch capture and bank back-counter operations, and for high-volume corporate remote deposit capture applications.


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BranchXpress BX7200


  • High Capacity Up to 300 Item Input Pocket
  • Two Up to 300 Item Exit Pockets
  • High Speed Performance Rated at 200 DPM
  • Supports MICR-Based Sorting at Up to 200 DPM
  • Designed specifically for Branch Capture and high-volume batch capture operations
  • Onboard Display Screen and User Interface
  • Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection
  • Two Vertically Selectable Inkjet Endorser Positions
  • Built-in Scanner Diagnostics
  • Tool-Free Routine Maintenance
  • Fully Assembled and Ready to Deploy
  • Compatible with Digital Check Advisor™ Remote Monitoring System
  • Built in America