Paystation Inc.

Innovative, high performance shredder for destruction of optical media including CDs and DVDs.

Effortlessly shreds CDs, DVDs, credit cards, ID badges, key access cards and more

High quality cutting head with 2.2 x 4 mm particle size for high security needs according to North America NSA/CSS 04-02 requirements (particle size ≤10 mm2)

Impressive shred speed guarantees high shred performance of up to 2,500 CDs or DVDs per hour (one by one feeding) 

Solid steel cutting shafts suitable for all types of CDs and DVDs

Powerful 1600 watt motor for continuous operation

100L anti-static collection bin made of an impact resistant plastic

One year guarantee on all parts

ZERO ENERGY CONSUMPTION: after 30 minutes in stand-by, the machine automatically shuts down, saving energy.



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