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SEM Model 2 Solid State Hard Drive Disintegrator
SEM Model 2 Solid State Hard Drive Disintegrator


Approved by the Government of Canada, the SEM Model 2-SSD produces a final particle size 
of 2 mm or less.

The SEM Model 2-SSD includes an integrated SSD upgrade package which consists of an enhanced two-stage cutting system, a bin based waste collection system with bin full indicator
and auto shut off and specially enhanced cutting blades and sizing screens to ensure waste particles of 2 mm or smaller.


In addition to the SSD upgrade, this unit features a version of SEM’s popular Value Kit configuration which includes a custom sound enclosure that houses both the destruction system and waste collection system for maximum Sound, Odor and Dust control. Safety Limit Switches, Key Lock, e-Stop buttons and Hour Meter along with a HEPA air filtration system are also included. The self-contained 34" wide system is mounted on heavy duty casters for easy mobility.


SEM Model 2-SSD Brochure


Introducing the SEM Model 2-SSD


View the Destruction Process of the following materials:

  • USB Devices
  • Memory SIMM Modules and Circuit Boards
  • Simulated SSD Drives (3.5")
  • Credit Cards
  • Laptop Wireless Network Cards
  • Optical Media (CDs / DVDs)
  • Solid State Hard Drives (2.5")
  • Rotational Hard Drive Platters
  • Floppy Disks
  • Cell Phones

SEM Model 2-SSD Destruction Process Part 1


SEM Model 2-SSD Destruction Process Part 2

SEM Model 2 Solid State Hard Drive Disintegrator


Model Number

Model 2-SSD Solid State Drive Disintegrator

Solid State Upgrade Package


Value Kit Upgrade Package

2 VK included

Shred Size

2 mm

Thruput Capacity

Up to 50 drives/hr

Feed Opening

1.5" (H) x 8.75" (W)

Drive Feed Process


Waste Collection/Evacuation

Internal Bin – 3 Gallons


5 HP


3 phase / 208, 230, 460V


48" x 50" x 34"


2,200 Lbs.


1 year parts / 90 days labour