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EBA Shredders Certifications
EBA Shredders Certifications

EBA is the first manufacturer of shredding machines to be awarded the “Blue Angel“ for the highly efficient use of energy for their range of shredders from the EBA 1324 up to the EBA 5141. It is the energy saving function, “Zero Energy Consumption”, of these shredders that ensures automatic and complete power cut-off after 30 minutes in stand-by mode. In addition, all of these IDEAL shredders come with environmental friendly shred bins made of solid synthetic material, dispensing with one-use plastic bags. Efficient drive systems ensure high sheet capacity, and quietly running motors mean low operational sound levels. The superior quality of the all-steel cutting shafts, which are made of specially hardened steel, is endorsed by the Lifetime Warranty.

About Blue Angel

The Blue Angel is the first and oldest environment-related label for products and services in the world. It was created in 1978 and considers itself as a market-conform instrument of environmental policy designed to distinguish the positive environmental features of products and services on a voluntary basis.


The Blue Angel promotes the concerns of both environmental protection and consumer protection. An important criterion for awarding the Blue Angel to products or services is considerably lower energy consumption in comparison to conventional products.


Additionally, products and services awarded the Blue Angel must also meet high standards of environmental and health protection as well as usability. Each product is evaluated on the basis of criteria such as the efficient use of raw materials in manufacture or use, a long product life and sustainable disposal, and as little toxic contamination and electromagnetic radiation as possible.


In other words, products branded with the Blue Angel logo:

  • have less negative impact on the environment
  • help to conserve resources during production
  • require less resources in use and disposal
  • do not contain substances harmful to health or the environment
  • nevertheless perform their functions (serviceability) on a high quality level

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Sustainability has always played a major role in EBA’s corporate philosophy. Their Zero Energy Consumption label ensures the complete, automatic disconnection from the power supply after 30 minutes, preventing overheated machines, benefiting the environment and reducing energy consumption costs.



EBA originates from Balingen, Germany where premium shredders are manufactured with an exceptionally high in-house production depth - renowned for their durability, operational safety and sophisticated functionality. Top-quality materials, innovative manufacturing processes and stringent quality controls guarantee that the EBA brand will stand for its more than 90 year-old hallmark: quality made in Germany.



Safety Protection System SPS comprises the following safety features: an electronically controlled, patented safety flap in the feed opening to prevent fingers and ties being caught and to shield the user from splinters when CDs and DVDs are being destroyed; automatic reverse and power cut-off (avoids paper jams); shut-off function when the shred container is full; electronic door control using a magnetic switch; double motor protection against overheating.


EBA Shredders Certifications