Paystation Inc.
CPA Robert Warner Memorial Fund

CPA Robert Warner Memorial Fund

Paystation Inc. and the CPA (Canadian Police Association) have established the Robert Warner Memorial Fund, to assist families of police officers killed in the line of duty.

What is the CPA-Robert Warner Memorial Fund?

The CPA-Robert Warner Memorial Fund is a joint endeavour between the Canadian Police Association and Paystation Inc. The goal is to ensure that there are enough monies in the Fund to be able to distribute an immediate, onetime financial assistance payment to the families of officers who lose their lives in the line of duty. We want to help alleviate some of the financial worries in the days following an officer’s death.
An initial donation of $10,000 was contributed by Paystation founder Robert Warner to help maintain the Fund, the company will donate $10 from each of its iDNA™ cheque orders.
Police officers everywhere can have a direct hand in helping to grow the Fund by telling friends and family members who own businesses to look at Paystation’s iDNA™ cheques.

Ways to Help

  • Ask friends and family members who own businesses to make a contribution to the fund
  • Visit to learn more about the Fund, ideas of how you can help and learn more about iDNA™ cheques 
  • Click on the “Pass It On” link on the website to send a link to business owners you know so they can learn about the Fund and iDNA™ cheques

iDNA™ Cheque Features

  • Exclusive covert marking – a sophisticated formula of rare trace elements infused into the fibers of each cheque as it is printed
  • Powerful deterrents such as chemical protection and toner adhesion provide tell-tale signs of tampering and alteration
  • Available in blank cheque inventory stock with registered sequential numbering for management control and audit trails
  • True watermark security paper with hidden iDNA™ watermark, invisible and visible fibers, and a microprint border

More on iDNA cheques here.

The CPA is proud to be a part of this new venture and we urge our member associations as well as our individual members to promote awareness and participation in the Fund.