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Clearing Paper Jams on the CheXpress CX30
Posted by Victoria Smith

Jammed documents are the number one maintenance issue for any machine that moves paper, whether it’s an office copier, your home printer, or a cheque scanner. And believe it or not, they even happen to the CheXpress CX30, even though you might not expect them, since it moves checks along a very simple path – straight in and straight back out.


But when a document is torn, dog-eared, or otherwise damaged, that can cause the rollers to lose their grip and the item to jam. Most paper jams in the CX30 occur due to one of these reasons. Then the next question becomes: How do you get it out?


Since the CX30’s track sits very deep within the device, it has two access panels for that purpose. The first step is to pop off the entire outer cover, which can be done by pressing the tab on the bottom right.

Once the cover is off, the best place to start is the rear access door. This gives you the highest chance of removing the stuck item with the least invasive process.


Begin by opening the gray track extension (1) about halfway. This part is ordinarily used if you want cheques to feed through the scanner and straight out the back, but in this case we are only opening it enough to get it out of the way of the access panel. Opening it all the way could actually tear the check and make it even harder to remove.


After the extension is out of the way, you can pop open the rear access door (2) and gently pull the check straight out the back.



You’ll notice that the cheque path actually curves around the back of the device, even though the CX30 is a single-feed scanner. This is so that the part of the cheque that has already been scanned has a place to go while the trailing edge moves past the camera. This rear area is a common place for cheques to become stuck when there is damage to the trailing edge.


The other method of clearing paper jams is to open the camera door on the side, which gives access to documents stuck earlier in the track. Any cheques that jam in this area will be held flat against the camera, so use a thin, flat object to pull the paper out a few millimeters until you can grab it with your fingers.


It is very important to be careful not to scratch the camera glass behind the cheque while you are prying it out. For this reason, non-abrasive, wooden or plastic objects are best. (We recommend using a popsicle stick, but if none is available, things like paper clips, nail files or tweezers will do.) Try to position the pry tool as close to the front of the scanner as possible.



Using one of these two methods, you should be able to clear virtually all paper jams in the CheXpress CX30.

Since the feed path of the CX30 is very simple, jams should not be a regular occurrence, and should only be happening with torn or damaged documents.


Source:  Digital Check

Cheque Printing Software: What To Look For
Posted by Victoria Smith

It goes without saying that the most important feature of any cheque print software is how securely it protects your financial information. Cheque print software should always ask for a password before allowing access, and include an encrypted code on all cheques, as well as making sure your bank authorize all payments.


If you’re on the market for the best cheque print software, there are some more factors you should consider before deciding which one to go for.



Cheque print software is generally created to work alongside accounting software. These bookkeeping features can help you to keep on top of your business’s accounts and invoices. Bookkeeping functions are often customizable, so you can choose the features that you require.


If you own more than one company, or have multiple business banking accounts, you may wish to find a cheque print software that caters to this need. There are other bookkeeping functions you might want to consider, such as built-in balance calculators and automatically generated report features.



Before deciding which software best suits your cheque printing needs, it’s advisable to ensure it is fully customizable. Hague Print previously talked about the importance of consistent business communications, and this also applies to the design of your cheques. Including your logo, address details and printing in your fonts should all be possible with your chosen cheque print software.



Purchasing any software for your business is a big decision, and you don’t want to feel stranded and overwhelmed once you’ve made it. Always look for a cheque print software company that offers post-purchase help and support. Before purchasing, check the website for a clear FAQs section so you can take care of minor troubleshooting issues yourself, and ensure there is clear contact information if the problem requires some extra help.


Source:  Hague Print

Introducing the New “Waffle” Scanner Cleaning Card
Posted by Victoria Smith

On March 21, Digital Check said goodbye to their original “flat” scanner cleaning cards, which have been phased out in favour of a new “waffle” card designed to clean your scanner more thoroughly while staying fresh longer after opening. You’ll find the new cards much more effective, as the raised surface provides a continuous outward pressure that the old cleaning cards could not because they were flat. This keeps the surface of the card in constant contact with the scanner track and other essential parts. In particular, the waffle cards are able to consistently clean the glass on our non-contact camera assembly, which often had to be wiped clean separately when the older flat cards were used.


It’s worth mentioning that the waffle cards use a new solvent, called Envanish®, in place of the isopropyl alcohol (IPA) in the flat cleaning cards. This gives them a much longer lifespan before drying: They remain useable for five minutes or more after opening, compared to 90 seconds to two minutes on average before the alcohol-based cards would lose effectiveness due to evaporation. Additionally, moving away to a new solvent is better for both us and you in the long term, as the ever-lengthening list of regulations concerning the handling of isopropyl alcohol was becoming a challenge. If you have a stock of these IPA cards, you can still use them without concern. But more requirements around packaging and handling have caused the price of the flat cards to go up steadily, until this year there was really no reason not to switch to the newer kind.


Before making a change that could potentially impact every customer, Digital Check made certain that the new cleaning cards would work with any of their scanner models still within their operational lifetimes. The waffle cards have been certified for the CheXpress CX30, BranchXpress BX7200, and TellerScan TS500, TS240, TS230 and TS215 models.


Source: Digital Check

Digital Check's Network-Attached Scanning System
Posted by Victoria Smith
Digital Check’s SecureLinkTM  technology will allow network control of any of its current-generation scanners, including remote operation from browser-based mobile and tablet devices. The new system will enable Digital Check scanners to operate without being tethered to a dedicated workstation, and is backward-compatible with existing scanner models.
SecureLink debuts in the form of a small external attachment that adds network addressability so the scanner can be driven from a browser on another network-connected device. The SecureLink technology both drives the scanner and enables remote operation by either single or multiple tablets, laptops, and even smartphones. The 3-inch by 4-inch hockey-puck sized device can communicate with computers and handhelds running any operating system, and is fully compatible with touchscreen devices.

“As the bank branch evolves, versatility becomes highly valuable for hardware that has traditionally existed only at the teller window,” said Rian Maloney, Digital Check’s vice president of software development. “The ability to handle self-service, a touchscreen environment, or more common teller functions – or to be shared between those roles – gives financial institutions the flexibility to deploy our scanners or other devices in whatever way they can imagine.”


SecureLink is backward-compatible with existing Digital Check scanners, including the CheXpress CX30, TellerScan TS240, and the new TellerScan TS500.



The SecureLink device is available in limited quantities for partner testing and integration starting in March, with additional external and scanner-onboard versions scheduled for later in 2016 and in 2017.


Source:  Digital Check

Digital Check to Present RDC Leadership Seminar Series
Posted by Victoria Smith

Digital Check Corp, a worldwide leader in cheque scanning equipment and UV capture for the banking industry, will hold an educational seminar on March 9 in Cairo, Egypt for bankers, regulators, and payments-industry executives interested in learning about Cheque Truncation and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). The event will take place at the Four Seasons and cover basic to advanced topics for financial institutions planning to implement electronic cheque clearance.


The seminar represents Digital Check’s first public event on the African continent, as well as an early look at remote deposit in the Middle East and North Africa region, where many countries have undertaken modernization of their banking systems as part of the Arab Payments Initiative (API) begun in 2005.


“The majority of countries in the MENA region have begun or have already completed a migration to electronic payments and settlement, including cheque truncation,” says Alex Trombetta, Digital Check’s vice president of international sales. “Many are looking into further extensions of the latest technology, and have the means to do so. We expect that education on remote deposit will help jump-start an important part of that modern payments experience.”


Topics covered in the seminar include general remote deposit trends, business cases and best practices; capturing and processing ultraviolet security features on cheques and payment documents; and hardware solutions for scanning cheques.


As a component of the RDC Leadership Initiative™, Digital Check has been hosting educational seminars about remote deposit capture around the globe since 2012. This year’s series includes events planned in Brazil, Peru, London, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Manila.


Source: Digital Check

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